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Wheel Painting

Applying coats of Etch Primer,Surfacer Primers,some coats of desired color paint and a coat of Clear Coat protects against U.V. damage, guards against minor scuffs and gives your wheels a deep shine finish and look.

Wheel Replacement

Get the true custom advice for replacement on wheels from experts on wheel style,fitment & performance.

Wheel Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing gives us the ability to widen the range of repairs including wheels leaking air, machining, and powder coating.

Bent Wheel Rim Repair

Get your bent or damaged wheel rim fixed in most cases, for the fraction of cost of a new replacement wheel.

Wheel Refinishing

Wheel is stripped, primed, base coated and clear coated. It returns your wheels to their original condition, with a far more durable finish.

Wheel Resealing

Our quality service reseals the wheel, caps lock holes and prevent any further bead area/seal leaks.

Wheel Straightening

Our quality service will straighten most bends and dents in your wheel,commonly caused by bad roads and curbs.

Wheel Polishing

Applying an metal/alloy polisher which gives the wheels a new coating to regain the sheen that they might have lost.

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