Wheel Polishing

Wheel Polishing

Applying an metal/alloy polisher which gives the wheels a new coating to wheels against any type of wear and tear.
Alloy , aluminium and other rims come with a mirror finish when they are new, but with time , they used to become pitted, oxidized, and scratched, and develop an overall unattractive dull grey colored or even black appearance.

Every short or long trip you make, can result in minor damage to your wheels appearance and lead dents ,notorious pot hole routes, minor curb rash, and scratches.
While natural corrosion process like rust and similar contaminates make the looks worse and can also hide cracks,rashes and other defects. To restore them to their original finish, they need to be polished. And we here at Wheel Repair Canada, can transform your wheels back to totally new and can bring these great looking wheel rims back to their best.
We provide wheel polishing to any type ,brand of wheels with damaged looks ; as well as to used polished wheels. .

We make sure that the old rims should be properly inspected and polishing is done carefully. The overall effect of the well- polished rims of wheels ,looks very appealing.

Contact our service team to book your gear in for a reshine. Allow us to polish and refurbish your wheels to like-new condition ,we’ll break them down, polish them up, & have them ready to put back on your vehicle ; then see the parts team after to get your polish for maintaining that shine.
We assure that the wheel polishing we do for wheels will not only make your wheel gleam like new but will also last as long as is possible for any polishing job!

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