Wheel Resealing

Wheel Resealing

Our wheel resealing quality service reseals the wheel, caps lock holes and prevent any further issues of air leak.

When any tire has a slow leak that is not caused by any foreign object, it may need a reseal.
when the vehicle is driven,there used to be some relative motion between the tire and wheel and this motion may cause the abrasive particles to wear the wheel and tire materials. When the wear of abrasive particle continues, then it may also lead to the intrusion at the tire/wheel interface by corrosive particles from the environment. Then it eventually makes a path for air develops and a ‘slow’ leak may ensue.
In case , the inside of your wheel become corroded, causing it to leak air and you are in need of wheel resealing , With our patented wheel repair service we can take care of all your resealing needs.
In case of puncture, We inflate the tire ,then detect the exact place of leak and reseal the wheel by using the maintenance tools.
Tire deflation is a common problem in older alloys . This is caused by corrosion along the inner rim. Many people take it as a slow puncture or a faulty valve and only discover the true cause after a tyre and valve change. Here at Wheel Repair Canada Shop we offer a cut price service for removing this corrosion and so creating a seal between the tyre and rim.

At Wheel Repair Canada ,We also provide wheel resealing of 2 & 3 piece wheels that are leaking around the center ring bolts. Call us today to avail the service!

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