Frequently Asked Questions

To fix a wheel, we must remove the tires, and yes, we will remove the tires and reinstall them on your wheels with balancing, for a fee of $25 for mount, dismount, and balance.

All wheel repairs from Wheel Repair Canada are protected by a one-year warranty against workmanship and material defects. For refinishing, our warranty covers if paint is peeling or flaking off the surface.

Wheel Repair Canada operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you are travelling from outside the city, we recommend making an appointment. if you get stuck on your way to your destination, on days that we are closed or on official holidays, we will be able to assist customers who need to get anywhere. If you need immediate assistance, we are just a phone call away.

Wheel Repair Canada has a large stock of wheels and will provide you with a loaner wheel that is unique and suitable for your vehicle so that you can drive while the wheels are being repaired. We charge a $250 security fee for loaner wheels, which is refundable, If the loaner wheel is damaged, we can make a refund at our discretion.

We strongly urge you to remove your vehicle's wheels, but if you are unable to do so or if your vehicle lacks a spare wheel, you can still leave your vehicle here; we have both indoor and outdoor fenced parking spaces to store your vehicle safely and comfortably, depending on weather and seasonal traffic.


We have the capability of polishing aluminium wheels, but we do not have the feasibility of repairing or re-chroming chrome wheels. However, we can still fix bends and cracks on the backside of the wheel, machine the beads to prevent air pressure leaks, and so on. Also, since hydraulic press requires heating the surface where chrome bubbles up and forms an unsightly cosmetic look, we can fix the bend on the face. Sadly, since we don’t do re-chroming, we can’t get chrome wheels back to perfection but always can make them look decent, for polished wheels they can be fixed without leaving any signs of damage.

We ask that you bring your wheels to any of our locations during business hours so that we can take a look at them in person and provide you with the best choices and prices for getting them back to their initial or personalized customized look.
Other than that, you may always send us an image and a detailed message via email at or text to 7803990207 so that we can get a better idea of what needs to be done and give you a rough estimate, but the final price can vary after an in-person inspection of the wheels.

We may also look to our trusted suppliers and auto wreckers for replacement OEM wheels. We also have strong relationships with major brand wheel dealers, so we can always work out a deal to get a new wheel while keeping the repair or replacement costs down.

Straightening not all wheels is safe; a heavily bent wheel could have been structurally weakened and may fail in the future. Our technicians have also earned certification in the secure operation of our proprietary straightening system. our company  have developed strict test parameters that we adhere before straightening any wheel. 

Yes, we can restore and match paint to any colour and any OEM or aftermarket paint code; we have specialized in shadow black, black chrome, sterling silver, and special silver. We can also paint your wheels to match your car body colour or can offer two tone paint combinations to enhance the beauty of your wheels.

Color, damaged location, wheel condition, and the procedure to follow to achieve a particular wheel repair outcome are all factors that influence cost. Our rates are very rational and fair, and this is made possible by the fact that we use automated CNC to conduct wheel repairs,which decreases the amount of time and material necessary, in return reducing the cost for wheel repair.

Wheel repair Canada values your time and recognises that issues can arise at any time of day, so we will be pleased to assist you by repairing your wheels the same day or as soon as possible so that you can begin your journey without interruption.

We would like you to see us repairing your wheels while you wait, but since all of our tools require personal protection and create noise, and our workshop does not allow customers to access the workshop area, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to see us fixing your wheels. However, we will ensure that the safety and integrity of the wheel structure are our top priorities.

Yes, we have relationships with the largest tyre dealers and will supply you with tyres at fair rates, as well as qualify for all manufacturer rebates. We can also mount, balance, and instal your tires, as well as correct and check alignment on your vehicle using high-tech 3d alignment.