Wheel Welding and Repair

Potholes and bad weather can cause aluminium wheels to break or adding more pressure than a wheel is certified to bear. But there’s no need to be worried. This is an easy problem to solve. We can also patch and refinish wheels that have a significant chunk of the wheel missing. The majority of our crack repairs are completed the same day or the next business day, and are ready for the customer to pick up or install on their vehicle.

We spin the wheel as soon as it arrives at the shop for repair to examine the crack; most of the time, if there is a crack, the chances of it being bent are high. We use a Tig Welder to weld the affected area together to create a joint between the two sections of the wheel that are separated.

The wheel is then machined to remove excess weld from the bead, allowing the tyre to sit properly.

Almost all our crack repair warranties are covered by a one-year warranty against workmanship and material defects. (please add terms and condition apply logo here)
We also have written estimates for the time and expense of wheel repair so that there are no misunderstandings after the job is finished.

In the event that a wheel cannot be fixed and is posing a safety risk, we will contact the customer to arrange for a replacement wheel or a new set of wheels for their vehicle.